When was the last time you booked a holiday and when asked where your destination place of enjoyment would be, replied “The United States of Colour?”

Or perhaps, you may recall a time when a Chinese Individual, invited you to their homeland to see their beautiful Pandas and bubbling over with excitement, you hurriedly booked your tickets for a return journey to the “People’s Republic of Yellow!”

Or even still, maybe at some point in the future, Britain may succeed in advancing the world cup, and the entire world will then descend upon this tiny island chanting “Were on our way to the ‘United Pink’!”

Sounds totally silly right? Yet for all the countries in the entire world, which are the only ones where colour is referenced instead of nationality? The slave nations!

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Through the Looking Glass

Through the looking glass
Through the looking glass by Peter Nathan. (C) 2020. Peter Nathan, Nathan Art, INFJ Art Created.

By Peter Nathan

Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Picasso, Micheal Jordan, Magic Johnson, Tim Burners Lee, Stephen Spielberg, Walt Disney, what do all these people and others like them all have in common? A vision!

The space shuttle of NASA did not fall out of the sky and land at Cape Canaveral, it fell out of someone’s inward vision and became a reality and this, with being in the right place at the right time, the wrong place at the right time, the wrong place at the wrong time and fortune (or luck if you believe in such) is the difference between success and failure, even life or death.

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Welcome. This is a short Stop Motion Animation video production I made to help raise awareness of the work which Crisis Skylight, a National United Kingdom Homeless charity organisation is doing to help end homelessness in the UK.

Crisis at Christmas, is the highlight of the organisations calendar year, where for a period just under 2 weeks, they cater for thousands of homeless individuals on the streets, helping with medical care, advice, and more importantly, a place to stay where for a time, they dont have to face the dangers of the streets. An army of 10,000 volunteers, all band together to help make this a success each year, but this momentous feat, could only be accomplished with the kind and generous giving of people each year to help make the goal of ending homelessness become a reality.

If after watching this short presentation, you wish to know more about the charity, or even decide to become a donor yourself, i have attached the link to their web page below. Thank you so kindly for watching this presentation.

First ever solo single.

Hi All

So this is my first ever solo release of a song and it was such a privilege to be able to work with my performance tutor Neale Muldowney who played the bass guitar for me and did the studio stuff as I recorded this track.

All vocals are done by me, the music was composed by me and the arrangement of the music was done by myself and Neale. Words were written by myself.

Hope you enjoy 🙂


London Photo Show.

Follow up to St Paul’s Cathedral

Following on from my 2nd place standing in the My London Photographic competition which was held by Cafe Art in conjunction with the Royal Photographic Society, Fujfilm and Jessops, in which I placed 2nd in both the peoples and judges categories out of 4000 entrants, I was again privileged to have my winning photo exhibited at the London Photo Show at the Bargehouse Gallery on the South Bank next to the OXO Building in London.

Many more to come I hope.

I was then approached  by Paul, the organiser of the My London event and asked if I would participate in Fujifilms upcoming project to herald in their new flagship store they will be opening in Covent Garden next year, naturally i said yes.

We will be receiving Fujifilms newest cameras and training in the use of them, to which we will then put on a photo exhibition with them at the launch of their flagship store in Covent Garden next year.

To say i am excited is an understatement.

below is a slide show [ small i know 🙂 ] of my picture at the event.

Hope you enjoy.

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National Theatre: Faith, Hope And Charity

Featuring: Homeless – A Poem of Peter Nathan.

In the summer of 2019 this year, I had the extraordinary honor of being the only person alongside William Shakespeare, to have had a poem used in the construction of a play which was to be performed at the National Theatre of London and New York.

The Production of the event was sponsored by The Polonsky Foundation.

The play was entitled “Faith, Hope & Charity” by Director Alexander Zeldin and the title of my poem was Homeless.

I was told by Arts Manager Paula of Crisis that my poem came up against “stiff” competition and that it beat off multitudes of other poems, to become the poem of choice for the Nation Theatre and I had the privilege of meeting with the Associate Director Diyan Zora, who told me it was an honor to have met me and to have had the privilege of being able to use my poem for the play.

For a poet, words cannot describe this honor to both have been chosen by the National Theatre and to now be alongside the great William Shakespeare in the National Theatre archives.

It is an honor I will treasure always.

Thank you Diyan, Paula and Elizabeth of Crisis.

National Theatre


Web version and for the upcoming book.