National Theatre: Faith, Hope And Charity

Featuring: Homeless – A Poem of Peter Nathan.

In the summer of 2019 this year, I had the extraordinary honor of being the only person alongside William Shakespeare, to have had a poem used in the construction of a play which was to be performed at the National Theatre of London and New York.

The Production of the event was sponsored by The Polonsky Foundation.

The play was entitled “Faith, Hope & Charity” by Director Alexander Zeldin and the title of my poem was Homeless.

I was told by Arts Manager Paula of Crisis that my poem came up against “stiff” competition and that it beat off multitudes of other poems, to become the poem of choice for the Nation Theatre and I had the privilege of meeting with the Associate Director Diyan Zora, who told me it was an honor to have met me and to have had the privilege of being able to use my poem for the play.

For a poet, words cannot describe this honor to both have been chosen by the National Theatre and to now be alongside the great William Shakespeare in the National Theatre archives.

It is an honor I will treasure always.

Thank you Diyan, Paula and Elizabeth of Crisis.

National Theatre


Web version and for the upcoming book.

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